Cataract Surgery

Because cataracts are a part of the normal aging process, they are the number one cause of poor vision among adults. People of all ages can develop cataracts, and can even occur in infants!

Some of the symptoms of cataracts include:

  • glare at night
  • blurred or fuzzy vision
  • washed out colors
  • sensitivity to light

Cataract surgery quickly restores your vision and at the same time decreases your dependence on glasses or contacts.

Dr. Chaiken has been performing cataract surgery for over 20 years on thousands of eyes and is one of the leading surgeons in New York. He provides the most advanced cataract procedures as well as the latest choices in replacement lenses. In addition to standard lenses, Dr. Chaiken can offer premium lenses to meet specific needs of individual patients:

  • Multifocal IOLs allow you to correct your vision for both near and distance vision
  • Toric IOLs are designed to correct vision in patients with astigmatism

Surgery of any type can be intimidating. Our office takes time to counsel each patient individually on all aspects of cataract surgery, from consideration of and preparation for surgery through the months of post-operative care.

More detailed information about cataracts and cataract surgery can be found at

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